Assessment and Reporting

Nazareth is committed to evidence based assessment practices which provide information about student learning and which act as rich evidence for the learner and the learning.

At Nazareth, assessment and reporting play a vital part in student learning. Assessment in a Catholic school focuses on growth across religious, physical, cognitive, social and emotional domains. It is an ongoing process which involves gathering, analyzing, and responding to a student’s strengths and misconceptions about their learning. It includes feedback to the learner, with the learner and between learners. Our school is committed to using a variety of evidence and research based tools which assesses student learning and supports effective teacher practice. 

Reporting and Assessment are closely linked and all students are provided with school reports twice a year. The school report acts as an important tool in communicating student learning and progress to parents.  At Nazareth, reporting is directly aligned to the Victorian Curriculum, including learning achievements and future learning goals. To support reporting, evidence of student learning is also communicated through SeeSaw and Google Drive. This provides parents, families and students with an opportunity to view the learning and respond to the learning.