School Fees and Levies 2021


Family Fee $1200 per family
Fund Raising Levy $150 per family
Building Levy $210 per family
Student Levy $440 per student 

  • The Student Levy covers stationery and material costs for all students, sport and excursion expenses, Sacramental costs and the Swimming Program. 
  • The Year 5/6 Camp fee sits outside of this. The cost for the 2021 camp is $255 with a $40 discount for families with teo children attending camp.
  • The preferred method for school fee payment is via Direct Debit (set up by the school), on a fortnightly or monthly basis, or may be paid in a lump sum. If you do choose a lump sum, payment is requested by the end of February. 
  • The fee increase will be rebated back to families for 2021. As a result payments will remain as below.

Payment options for 2021 will work as follows:

21 x fortnightly payments
10 x monthly payments

PER F/NIGHT approx. $99 $120 $142 $163
PER MONTH (Feb-Nov) approx. $197 $240 $283 $326
PER ANNUM $1970 $2400 $2830 $3260


  • The expectation is that fees will be paid in full by the end of November 2021.
  • Whilst the Direct Debit Authority form will continue to operate for the length of time you have children attending Nazareth (i.e you only have to fill a form out once), deductions will cease at the end of November each year and re-commence each February. The amount of fee deduction each year will be based on your family's fee account (number of children).
  • The Direct Debit and Nazareth Fee Payment Agreements are in your enrolment pack. Please complete these and return them to the office on the second orientation day.
  • Fee statements are forwarded home via email early in each month showing the current balance of your account. The total amount for the year is billed in first term.

Parish Levy 2021

Parish Levy - $175 per family
*The voluntary levy is paid directly to Nazareth Parish via cash, cheque or direct debit. 

By enrolling at Nazareth Catholic School you become part of our Parish community and are asked to finacially contribute to the Catholic educational mission and pastoral work of our community through the payment of the annual Parish Contribution. This is a voluntary contribution. Please note that families who contribute to the "Parish Stewardship" program are exempt from this contribution.