Leadership Program

At Nazareth we aspire to enable growth for all so that the community will flourish in life, faith and learning in a positive environment by sharing leadership and building trusting relationships


Nazareth we help students inspire themselves and others to perform at the highest level through goal setting.

All Year 6 students have an opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership through nomination in their final year of primary school. Our Leadership groups include Environmental and Sustainability, Technology, Arts & Culture, Library, Social Justice and Sports.

Throughout the year, students are provided with opportunities to conduct meetings in their committees and organise new initiatives, represent Nazareth at events in the local area and liaise with the community about what is happening in our school.  Leaders also run lunchtime communities to help students engage in areas of interest with other students from across F-6.

The leadership program enables our year 6 students to thrive in a goal achieving environment which helps make a difference in our school and the wider community, reflecting Nazareth’s gospel values and how as a Catholic community, everything we do, we do in love.