Specialist Program

Nazareth is proud to offer a diverse Specialist Program that strengthens learning across the Victorian Curriculum


At Nazareth, we believe that the specialist learning program should be engaging, innovative and contemporary. Learning experiences should provide all students with the opportunity to discover and explore new ideas. We believe that student voice is an important element of the learning journey. We value our students interests, passions and thoughts, and strive to use this information when guiding the learning journey for our students. We aim for a concept approach towards teaching and learning, with each unit based on a clear concept or big idea linked to the Victorian Curriculum. We strive to build strong relationships with our students, taking the time to get to know them in specialist classes and as members of the wider school community. We strive to approach our teaching with enthusiasm and passion, developing a safe and inclusive environment for all students to learn and prosper. 


ALL Program (Italian)

At Nazareth, Italian is situated in everyday learning through the ALL program (All Language Learning).  As a school community, we use Italian to greet each other, ask questions and even beginning prayer.  Learning Italian contributes to the strengthening of the community’s social, economic and cultural capabilities. It extends literacy repertoires and the capacity to communicate; strengthens understanding of the nature of language, of culture and of the process of communication. Italian learning develops intercultural capability; including, understanding of and the respect for diversity and difference, and a openness to different experiences and perspectives. It develops understanding of how culture shapes and extends learners understanding of themselves, their own heritage, values, beliefs and identity. Learning Italian strengthens intellectual, analytical and reflective capabilities, and enhances creative and critical thinking.



Our library is a student-centred facility designed to play a key role in the intellectual, educational and cultural life of the school. Allstudents at Nazareth have the opportunity to explore the love of literature through weekly library sessions and spending time in the space during lunch breaks.

Students are able to borrow a variety of books each week and are encouraged to choose “good fit” books as well as books of interest.

Senior students have the opportunity to borrow and return books using the computer system, prepare and lead school events such as our school ANZAC Service, Book Week Parade and Book Fair and present at assemblies.


The library is a learning space that nurtures the development of all students to become independent, motivated learners.


Visual Arts

Students are encouraged to engage with and develop knowledge of visual arts, skills, techniques and processes, and use materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.


They learn to reflect critically on their own experiences and responses to the work of artists, craftspeople and designers and to develop their own arts’ knowledge. They learn to express and communicate experiences through and about visual arts.


As students progress through the levels of Visual Arts, their knowledge, understanding and practice as artists and viewers increases through exposure to a breadth of artists, craftspeople and designers. They discover new ways of representing and expressing their ideas and imagination. Student artwork is celebrated both within the school and school grounds in the form of regularly displayed artworks and large scale projects.


Performing Arts

Here at Nazareth we strive to provide opportunities for our students to experience all aspects of life and find their passion.  Performing Arts allows students to discover the rich potential of performance and expression in a safe and norturing environment.



Our Wellbeing program at Nazareth extends across all curriculum areas and disciplines.  Our weekly specialist program features wellbeing also and is an opportunity for students to engage in new and meaningful ways with each other.  Learning to regulate and co-regulatre are part of the whole development of the child and increasingly important in today's society.  Our specialist wellbeing program sees students access new learning in an environment which is safe to take risks.


Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education curriculum supports children to develop gross and fine motor skills which have impacts on all areas of Contemporary Learning. A big focus of the learning and teaching is put on teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. Students perform simple and complex fundamental motor skills in major games and individual challenges.  We encourage our students to focus on their personal best, assessing themselves against their own personal achievements and growth.


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