Education in Faith

Let all you do be done in love     
- 1 Corinthians 16:14


Our Vision

As a Catholic Community, we journey together to become lifelong learners. We value ourselves, our relationships with others and the world around us.

To create a welcoming Catholic Community where Gospel values are lived.

To foster a supportive learning environment that values the common good.

To provide a contemporary innovative curriculum.


Our Religious Education program uses the Pedagogy of Encounter Tool and is centred around the new education framework for all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne - Horizons of Hope.


Prayers, Mass and Liturgies

All classes begin their school day with Prayer. These sessions provide opportunities for all students to share connection, praise and gratitude and are encouraged to verbalise anything they are thankful for.


Throughout the year, classes celebrate with our Parish community, through joining in with weekly Masses. These are rostered for classes throughout the year, with classes usually attending two Thursday masses per year and often as a whole year level or whole school community we gather for liturgical celebrations such as Masses and non-Eucharistic Liturgies. Whole school liturgical celebrations include Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, as well as, our Beginning and End of Year Celebrations. All families are invited and welcome to attend our liturgical celebrations.

Sacramental Program at Nazareth

Nazareth works with families and the Nazareth Church community in the Parish of Nazareth, Grovedale to assist studentsthrough their journey of faith. Sacraments are the festive, ritual actions in which Christians assemble to celebrate their lived experience.

We prepare students for the Sacraments of:

  • Reconciliation in Year 3
  • First Eucharist in Year 4
  • Confirmation in Year 6

Our Sacraments call us to action and to live a life inspired by the life of Jesus Christ.


Nazareth’s Gospel Values

  • Justice
  • Compassion
  • Reconciliation
  • Equality
  • Dignity
  • Community
  • Care
  • Understanding
  • Co-operation
  • Acceptance
  • Tolerance
  • Communication        
  • Respect

School Prayer

God our Father, bless our Parish of Nazareth,
so that we may love you more.
Help the parents to be a good example to the children, and our youth to grow in strength as good Christians.

Encircle our families with your loving care.
To the sick, grant health.
To the aged, bring serenity,
and to those in sorrow joy.

May we grow strong in faith and may our love for one another become deeper in our daily living.