Buddy Program

All Foundation students are allocated a Grade Five Buddy for their first year at Nazareth School

At Nazareth we have run a Buddy Program for several years with great success. The purpose of this program is to support our Foundation students by providing an opportunity for them to meet and engage in fun activities with their Grade Five buddies. This allows the Foundation students to have a familiar friendly person at school that they can say hello to in the schoolyard and engage in conversation and share experiences with. 


The program also enables our Grade Five students to take on a mentoring role where they can guide and support their younger buddies. Having a buddy is one of the highlights of being in Grade Five and our students do a wonderful job assisting our Foundation students to feel safe and happy at school.


The buddies meet regularly throughout the year to engage in a variety of learning opportunities.  These sessions can include art, dance, sport, games, reading, just to name a few.