Making a Difference (MAD) STEM Showcase

Our Year Five students (Ella, Joshua, Emma, Lachlan) designed, researched and created a 'Sustainable Sorting' app which informs and allows people to select companies that recycle common household waste and construct items which benefit humanity. It would inform people about companies which recycle waste for particular humanitarian purposes - giving people a deeper understanding and purpose to recycling waste and providing a choice about where their waste goes.

Our Year 6 students (Conor, Liana, Brodie, Sophie) designed, researched and created a solution to allow students to feel included if they have any form of brain damage (eg. concussion, fainting, severe dizziness) and have to wear a headpiece that may make them feel self conscious. It would contribute to children’s social, emotional and physical health within the community. This would be made like a footy helmet but in the form of a hat, cap or beanie.

These students were assisted by Jonathan Connor and Aimee Douglas in preparation for this event.

We can be very proud as our Year 5 students came second in the Primary Schools category. Our Year 6 students claimed the CEM Most MAD Award. Considering the amount of inspiring presentations made by all the schools in attendance this is trull a fantastic achievement for these students and our school. These students have won some amazing STEM resources for our school which all students will benefit from - great work!"

The students were also interviewed on Live FM and the podcast can be downloaded here . The video of our interview can be found here just click on the download icon below the video.