Canteen - School24

To order a lunch from Canteen from Term 2 2019, only School24 online orders will be accepted. Children will still be welcome to come to the canteen at lunch break time for icy poles and treats over the counter with their coins.


REGISTRATION - Create a Parent Account:
- Go to
- Click on the Blue “Register” button to create your account
- Enter the School Registration ID as 25312963
- Fill in all fields (make a note of your password and make sure spelling is correct)
- Click on “Create Account” tab
You now have a registered Parent Account

Login to School24:
- Go to

- Click on Login
- From the Login tab complete your Username which is your email address and your Password which is your nominated secret password

- Click Login

Select Plan
Select “Pay As You Go” plan, 25c per order. This is the cheapest option for Nazareth families as we only have canteen once per week. When processing orders you will need to order for all of your children at the same time and you will only be charged the 25c for the whole order submitted at that time.

Setup/Update your Nazareth Students Accounts:
- After logging in, click on “Set Up Students” then “Add Students”
- Enter your child name, their class, and any food allergy information, (leave Student ID blank). All students must have their class selected before any orders are placed
- You can select to Manage Students, Add Students or Update Classes at any time.
- “Manage Students” allows you to edit student details, and deactivate student accounts.
- “Add Students” for new students include their first name, last name, class, (leave Student ID blank) and fill in any food allergies
- “Update Classes” a quick way of updating each Students class for this year
- For classroom teachers wishing to order, you would select your normal LC number from the dropdown option. All other staff (ie. Front office or staff without a set LC number), or parent canteen helpers wishing to order, may do so via their console by setting themselves up as a New Student and selecting the “staff” option from the dropdown list.

Top up an Account:
In order to place a canteen order, you must have a positive balance in your parent account, so it is necessary to “top up” your account via Credit Card payment.
To do this:
- Click on the “Home” button
- Select Top-Up, select “Pay using Credit Card”
- Complete the necessary credit card details and select ”Submit Payment”
You will now have a balance in your School24 account so you can place canteen orders.

Create an Order:
Once your parent account has a positive balance, you’re ready to place orders for any upcoming Wednesday canteen lunch. (please note that the menu is still being worked on, it will be live very soon.)

To do this:
- Login to your Parent Account, select the required Student and Canteen Date (make sure you select the correct date), then click Start Order
- Select the Category of food to order from and then click “add to cart” for each required item (the price is displayed next to each item)
- All selected items are shown in the Basket on the right of the page
- Do the same for any other Students who wish to order canteen
- See what’s in the Basket and when order/s are complete, click on “Checkout”
- Check the order and click on “Submit Your Order” at the bottom of the page.
The order is now complete and in the system. You will automatically be emailed an order confirmation. You can create orders and View/Cancel Orders any time up until 9am on the Tuesday before the day of canteen.

For online help and detailed information, after logging in, click on Help, User Guide. If you need assistance with using the School24 system, call the School24 helpdesk on 02 80411132

Contact Nazareth Canteen if you have other questions via email